Hélène Huby

Hélène Huby

Cofondatrice du Global Spaces Ventures, un fonds de capital-risque dédié aux start-up du spatial.

Helene is Co-Founder and Partner at Global Space Ventures, a VC firm anchored on both sides of the Atlantic, investing in and scaling breakthrough space startups.

Helene has served as Airbus Defence & Space Innovation Director and grew a portfolio of businesses ranging from space data-based services to electrical-powered stratospheric drones. She has played a critical role in the creation of Airbus Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, Airbus Ventures, and in the Airbus-OneWeb partnership. After having led a privately-funded rocket project, she is currently advising Airbus on its space strategy.

Helene began her career at the French Ministry of Sciences & Research as Deputy Head of Department for European Affairs. Following her passion for entrepreneurship, she joined faberNovel to contribute to the growth of the European digital ecosystem through investing in and coaching startups in France and Germany, and leading innovative projects for large companies.

Helene is Young Leader of the French American Foundation. She privately invests in tech startups and serves as Senior Advisor to Red River West, a VC firm scaling French startups in the US.

She graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a MS in Economics, and from Ecole Nationale d’Administration with a Master of Public Administration.

New Space : GAFA et entreprises privées à la conquête de l’espace

Conférence - NOVAQONCEPTS Bordeaux - Hangar 14 - NIVEAU 1

Jusqu’alors domaine réservé des États, l’espace est de plus en plus investi par le secteur privé, avec des sociétés comme Space X ou Blue Origin. Le mouvement du New Space, né aux Etats-Unis, regroupe aujourd’hui plus de 1000 start-up et entreprises. Leur but : démocratiser l’accès à l’espace et investir dans ce nouvel eldorado. Quels […]